Peruse our fabulous collection of Sally Nencini's hand-made lambswool toys, cushions and even a storage box. All made in the UK. 

About Sally

I have always loved textiles, not only the design process but also making and creating.

I have a long-held interest in handworked craft, surface pattern, texture and vintage textiles. I often draw visual reference from my love of vintage toys, especially the imagery and colours of early Galt and Abbatt wooden puzzles and picture card games. Using this inspiration I like to re-interpret designs for a contemporary audience.

Why Wool?

Wool is an amazing natural fibre that sheep have evolved to produce, it is natural, warm, renewable, biodegradable, breathable & durable. It is a natural insulator due to the small air pockets between its fibres that can trap and release heat, maintaining your body temperature - what clever sheep! I only use lambswool which is a soft, luxurious natural fibre.

It is kind to the sheep to have their beautiful coats removed regularly to avoid disease and discomfort - I am grateful to the sheep for this natural product that provides us with insulation and protection.

The lambswool I use comes from the Geelong area of Australia which is synonymous with fineness. It is processed, spun and dyed in a 200-year old, family-owned and run mill in the heart of the Yorkshire Pennines.The mill produces approximately 120 colours of lambswool yarn which are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that they are free from harmful dyes and other substances, and safe to be in contact with skin.