Sally Nencini Lambswool Fairisle Dolls


These wonderful knitted Dolls, created by Sally Nencini, are made from 100% merino lambswool which is spun and dyed in the UK. Each one has a cheeky wink and a hand stitched mouth to give an individual character. They come in a range of different hair and skin tones with different colourful patterned dresses with hand stitched felt buttons.

Katsy is black and red.

Bridie is mutli coloured.

"The inspiration for these dolls was my love of Clothkits as a child in the 1970’s and my own brightly printed Clothkits doll."

Sally knits all the dolls in her studio in Norwich, Norfolk on domestic knitting machines using the softest lambswool. Handmade, each doll is individual with their own personality just waiting for a new home and a hug!

She develops the shape for each doll as well as the surface pattern and hand embroider the mouth which gives a unique character. 

* Measurement: Height: 46cm

Please note this is a handcrafted product and there may be small variations in size and colour.

* Material: 100% Lambswool filled with polyester toy stuffing.

* Hand wash, remove any marks as soon as possible with cool water.

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