Sally Nencini Lambswool Cushion Dapple Horse


Add a beautiful touch to your home with this beautiful Sally Nencini Knitted Lambswool Cushion featuring a striking Dapple Horse design. 

This knitted lambswool Dapple Horse cushion is lightly felted after knitting to create a soft and more substantial cover. It features a sleepy eyed dapple horse with flowing mane and tail. Inspired by my childhood pony ‘Blue’. There is also a small motif on the back of the cushion of a bunch of entwined flowers, blowing in the breeze!

Designed and made in Sally's studio in Norfolk using double thickness 100% lambswool yarn for a more substantial, softer feel, it has a black zip fastening and is stuffed with a sumptuous duck feather cushion pad.

* Measurement; approx 45cm x 30cm

* Colour; Pale Grey and Charcoal Grey

Please note this is a handcrafted product and there may be small variations in size and colour.

* Care; Hand wash cover as you would a jumper, remove any marks as soon as possible with cool water.

Why Lambswool? (by Sally Nencini)

Wool is an amazing natural fibre that sheep have evolved to produce, it is natural, warm, renewable, biodegradable, breathable & durable. It is a natural insulator due to the small air pockets between its fibres that can trap and release heat, maintaining your body temperature - what clever sheep! I only use lambswool which is a soft, luxurious natural fibre.

It is kind to the sheep to have their beautiful coats removed regularly to avoid disease and discomfort - I am grateful to the sheep for this natural product that provides us with insulation and protection.

The lambswool I use comes from the Geelong area of Australia which is synonymous with fineness. It is processed, spun and dyed in a 200-year old, family-owned and run mill in the heart of the Yorkshire Pennines. The mill produces approximately 120 colours of lambswool yarn which are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that they are free from harmful dyes and other substances, and safe to be in contact with skin.


All my woolly accessories can be washed by hand using a non biological wool detergent. They should be washed gently in warm water with minimum agitation as heat and agitation are what causes shrinkage and felting as the fibres mesh together.

It is important to use a non-biological wool detergent as it is specially formulated to protect the natural oils and lanolin in woollen fibres.

Once washed and rinsed roll your knits to squeeze out any excess moisture and try to dry your scarves and other accessories as flat as possible to prevent them from stretching and losing their shape. 

To keep the storage stools, animals and dolls clean, you should treat any soils or spills as soon as possible, soaking up any excess liquid. Dab the soiled area with cold water – do not rub as this may spread the stain and will agitate the woollen fibres. Allow to dry naturally, away from heat.

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