Fox Hand Warmer


You'll never want to leave home without this adorable Fox hand warmer throughout the harsh winter months. He will keep your hands toasty and warm and put a smile on your face with his cheery disposition and colourful design.  

This useful hand warmer makes an ideal stock filler or gift to a fun friend or fox lover. 

To Heat: Simply click the disc inside; this will start a chemical reaction and the liquid inside will crystallize and begin to heat up instantly. The heat will last for 30-60 minutes but can last for several hours if placed in an insulated space (i.e. pocket/mitten/glove) Top Tip: Massaging the pack during use will help maximise the heat. To Re-use: Simply pop the gel pack in a pan of boiling water for a few minutes and then allow to cool

Dimensions: Height: 13cm x Width: 8.5cm 

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